About Us

Writing and bookWelcome to Room 206 – the finest writing Room in the house.

A space that combines imagination with activation. A writing residence that holds a built-in library of concepts that begins with the written word and ends with a Return on Investment. This is the Room where your Brand will find its voice. And your target market will start listening.

Room 206 is a full service writing & media room that provides the words when your Brand can’t speak for itself. Experience the luxury of writing professionals that will help you clearly communicate your products and services through effective channels of marketing and advertising.

The writing amenities are endless in Room 206. Here, you will watch your brand vision take shape in the form of radio and TV commercials, press and magazine articles, website copy and online advertising, music videos and corporate videos, posters and leaflet concepts, corporate identity material, point of sale material and a whole lot more.

The pillows of eloquence have been puffed. A menu of communication options are widely at your disposal.

All you have to do, is ask the desk.