P.S. eBook

P.S. The Little Book of Postscripts is here… download your free copy!

This is an eBook that could change your mood, your day, your year…

We are proud to unveil our second splash in a series of free eBooks at Room 206. This one’s for the hustlers, the midnight thinkers, the early risers and the one’s that intrinsically know that there are NO bad days – only days that can be improved, reshaped and recalibrated to feel good. This eBook is it.

The Little Book of Postscripts is an ode to life. Your life. Experience the unbearable happiness of this daily magic land of motivation!

Download our P.S book of inspirations here

*Download Tip; this eBook is JOY RATED. Hook up to Wi-Fi for the full downloadable experience (67MB)*

Keep it for yourself (not to yourself) – and share it with your friends that need it, your fam that deserves it and all the members of your inner circle that could do with a little pick-me-up right now.

The Little Book of Postscripts is a Room 206 publication and a Joy-inspired initiative.

We just want you to be happy! Let us know if we hit the spot.