Monthly Package Specials

Writing Retainer Special

Enjoy the convenience of more deliverables at sharper monthly rates.

Retainer Guests with an increasing amount of requirements, may wish to extend their stay at Room 206. In doing so, these special guests have the option of signing up for reduced monthly billing rates.

How it works:

  1. Room 206 will customise a monthly writing package based on a set amount of hours per month at the standard Rack Rate of R 520 per hour.
  2. Retainer Guests receive 4 (four) FREE bonus hours each month that are thrown in for good measure.
  3. So how will a Retainer Guest save money? Simple: A 10 hour retainer will deliver up to 14 hours of work. That’s over R 2000 saving every month.
  4. The package will be tailor-made to suit our Guests’ creative needs and their budget.
  5. Retainer Guests can select a desired amount of creative deliverables that fall within the stipulated amount of hours.
  6. Another Bonus: Retainer Guests are billed monthly in advance and have 25 days to settle their account.

The Fine Print:
Retainer Contracts require a sign-up for a minimum of 3 months. Ah come on, that’s not so bad.

Room 206 will not be held responsible for any shortcomings of creative requirements each month. The onus is on the Retainer Guest to use hours effectively in any given month. We think that’s fair game.

Who should become a Room 206 Retainer Guest:

  1. Guests that have regular creative requirements.
  2. Guests that require extensive writing and marketing combined.
  3. Guests that really need a dedicated, in-house expert writer slash marketer but can’t afford to employ one.


For more information on Retainer Guest options, enquire here