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“Everything you look at can become a fairy tale and you can get a story from everything you touch.”
― Hans Christian Andersen

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Founder and MD

1. I like my coffee?

"Like I like my WiFi - STRONG!"


2. Who is your favourite writer?
"So many to pick. Paulo Coelho has always been my first author-love. Alix E. Harrow is quickly following suit."


3. In a sentence, why do you love working at Room 206?
"Room 206 is the love child of Courage and Whimsy, and as its Captain, I am privileged to witness this every day."


(*Also, I love the cookie jar. I really only come to work for the cookies)

4. Street cred?


Read my latest blog here.

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Brand Manager

1. I like my coffee?

"As tea (I don’t drink coffee)."


2. Who is your favourite writer?

"Tricky question! It depends on where I am at in my life, my taste in books is as eclectic as my choice in music (I’m talking everything from Marian Keyes to Paulo Coelho). If it resonates, I’m reading it*!"

(*Disclaimer - Julia Donaldson also plays a big part in my life right now as a #toddlermom!)


3. In a sentence, why do you love working at Room 206? 

"I love working at Room 206 as I feel SEEN (on both a personal and professional level)."

4. Street cred?

"Always up for a laugh."

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Business Operations Manager

1. I like my coffee? 

"Rich, strong, full of flavour, and with a pretty picture on top!"


2. Who is your favourite writer?

"There’s favourite, and then there’s most read. Being a mom to two boys (with wild imaginations), my most read would be Julia Donaldson. I don’t have a favourite writer, but when I do get a chance to indulge in words of my choice, I love an inspirational read or a thriller – I know, quite a contradiction!"

3. In a sentence, why do you love working at Room 206?

"It’s a magical little hub and an escape, where I’ve learned the power of words and been able to foster my creativity, strategy, laughter, love, and joy."

4. Street cred?

"I always have snacks in my top drawer."

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