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Word With Us: Services
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What is content? It’s the creative execution of words, and pictures, and stories, and all the wonderful movements that keep your audience engaged. And we do this. All of this.


Whether you're seeking to inspire your team via video, or launch your brand across blogs and emailers, or engage your customers through quirky packaging, Room 206 will help you harness the magic of content.

It all begins with the words you use and choose. Let us collaborate on your content vision and get you there. Words are everywhere. From obvious places, like your website, to the posts you share on your social media pages, the interface on your app, and the script coming from the speaker who represents your brand.

We work with it all. And we can't wait to work with you, too.

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Words matter. We need words to help us communicate, to express how we feel, and explain what we mean. Whether you’re connecting with customers or inspiring a team, the way your words land in the minds and on the hearts of others, makes the difference. 

We appreciate that your brand is unique. In fact, we thrive on the individualisation of your brand; this is where your brand personality sits; and where our joy lies. Often, when it comes to establishing your brand voice against the clutter, there’s a lack of consistency from one touchpoint to the next.


Room 206 can fix that.


Whatever kind of business you’re in – from running a bank, to educating a nation, to guiding a charity, to creating a luxury scent – we tuck into the words that truly match your brand ethos, and carry your brand forward across various interactive or static mediums.


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In an increasingly competitive professional landscape, the truth is that every word counts.

While this may seem like the best reason to use as many words as you can in every context that you can, when it comes to being clear and communicating with your target audience in a way that they understand, the right words - even if there are fewer of them - are what you need. 

Properly constructed and persuasively written copy is a powerful instrument in your toolkit of marketing collateral, because quality, structure, and clarity can make the difference between winning and losing.

Room 206 provides proofreading and copy-editing services for the following materials:

  • Website copy

  • Manuscripts - Trade and Academic/Thesis

  • Articles

  • Books

  • Blogs

  • Corporate Documentation

  • Newsletters

  • Marketing Material - Print and Digital

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Our writing workshops help you grow, as a writer, a communicator,  and as a human being.

We offer a variety of Creative Writing Workshops – private or public - to serve your needs, whether it's for personal growth, corporate team-building, wellness programmes or schools (elementary, secondary and tertiary). Our workshops are personalised and delicately themed to meet our writers where they are at – professionally or emotionally. We're  able to craft bespoke writing experiences that align to the spirit of the times, the heart – and your business.

On all of the workshops we facilitate, you'll experience:

  • Writing tools for inspired living

  • Stress-reduction techniques

  • Storytelling sessions (with amazing guest speakers!)

  • Creative performance

  • Human connection

  • Mental clarity

  • Communication techniques

  • Self-celebration

  • Uncapped liberation

Chat to us for more information about the workshops we offer or how we can collaborate with you and your team to craft a memorable  workshop experience.


South Africa | Barcelona | The World

Call or WhatsApp: (+27) 82 689 6889
Call or WhatsApp: (+34) 666 97 73 38 (Barcelona)

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