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What if you got your people to write?

To really write. Write down their fears, their dreams, the gunk in their minds, the stuff that hurts them, breaks them, inspires them or simply holds them back from living fully, completely and in harmony with their purpose, their work culture and their performance. What if you found a new way to craft your communication strategies, your client proposals, and your email marketing? 

The 206 Effect is the gap in the game: a fully immersive writing and communication journey,

that gets human about business.

With a choice of 7 exclusively curated workshops uncovering hero themes in business, teams and leaders will learn the art of authentic communication, influential writing, stress reduction techniques and improved business confidence. Each writing session is intimate, intrinsic, and designed to meet team members where they are at; to liberate their stuck points in and out of the office, and to forge deeper connections with colleagues – and themselves.

This is not just a writing workshop, it’s a shot at something bigger than us, a chance at comradery, a chance to uplift, revive and reignite the things we once lost – as a team, as a people, as humans.

The 206 Effect: Workshop Menu

A fully immersive, writing and communication journey designed for you and your team.

Book your choice of  7 exclusively curated writing workshops . 4 Hours . Onsite or Online. 

Asset 1.png

A communication workshop for the strategist in the room.

Asset 5.png

A communication workshop for the creative. 

Asset 2.png

A communication workshop for the bounce-back team. 

Asset 6.png

A communication workshop for the burnt-out team.

Asset 3.png

A communication workshop for the honest business leader 

Asset 7.png

A communication workshop for brave women leaders

Asset 9.png

A communication workshop that has nothing to do with sales.

Asset 8.png

Quick-fire writing mornings

The 206 Effect: Workshop Packages

Workshops with more than 15 attendees qualify for a 10% discount. 
All prices exclude VAT | Room 206 is a VAT registered entity 

Connect with us to personally tailor your booking 


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Call or WhatsApp: (+27) 82 689 6889
Call or WhatsApp: (+34) 666 97 73 38 (Barcelona)

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