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What Others Say

Don't just take our word for it...

Natasha is a breath of fresh air - good listener, positive energy and overall very good at what she does. I really enjoyed the session with her!

Onela .M
Tribeca Public Relations

I thank you and your team for making me and other individuals realise their true potential.

Tshepang Mohau Mamasedi

KLM Empowered

That was everything I needed and more. Magic and inspiring and healing. Words to describe both you and the last two hours. Thank you. 

Lulu Larche
Brand Strategist

Natasha was great. She is so full of life and so passionate about what she does.

Sanele. M
Tribeca Public Relations

Such a wonderful workshop this morning -thank you!  It was a great escape - and food for the soul.

Deanne Farinha

The results of our learning from you are real and the impact is tangible. What we gave of ourselves in our writing to clients, we immediately received back. Writing from the heart changed attitudes that made the space we share with colleagues and clients so much happier. Your gift of knowledge changed our world for the better, thank you for coming into our lives and for making this difference.

Pieter Swart
Managing Director | Conference Consultancy South Africa

First, I would love to say THANK YOU to you; the world needs more people who are vibrating at your level right now. Thank you for being a part of my journey and one of the perfect synchronicities in my life... your energy is palpable.

Dr Neetu Moodliar

Natasha exudes a calm and effective efficiency that is laced with enough love of her trade to encourage ongoing excitement and buy-in.

Carrie Adams

Brilliant! Natasha has the ability to immediately set her audience at ease and has hit the nail on the head with the content she designed for a custom writing class for a small group of people. I love her approach of the workshop being an exercise of giving and sharing, from both perspectives.

Kathleen Pietersen 

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It was not what I expected at all out of a writing workshop. It truly connected us to our emotional sides, got us thinking and excited and passionate about writing again!

Julia. C
Tribeca Public Relations

Thank for a beautiful workshop. You are inspiring and so compassionate, so glad our paths crossed and that we had the opportunity to work together. I will definitely be joining more workshops in the future, already on the mailing list!

Jessica Freedman

We cannot thank you enough for making our workshop a great success. We are grateful for your support, your expertise, your connection, and your time with us. Thank you for helping us make this event an unforgettable experience!

Petru van Zyl
Founder and CEO | pHFormula 

Thank you for the workshop. Your generously of spirit really made the morning special.

Bailey Bezuidenhout

Natasha is so real and genuine and that really comes through in the delivery of her content. She also creates a sense of freedom through writing.

Roshni Morar

Natasha is able to connect with everyone on a deep level, whether it is in person or through a screen. Tash humanises things!

Kate Scott

I found the workshop very empowering and helpful.

Juliet. V 
Tribeca Public Relations 

Well-structured content and simple to follow. A safe sharing space was created effortlessly because of the authenticity of the team. This is so important in the writing community. 

Olika Lucken

The workshop was incredibly moving for me - I was meant to be there yesterday! And yes, I am inspired to start writing again and to get back to being the creative and playful person that I am.

Flavia De Cillia

Made me laugh and cry in a single session. Sincere, passionate and present. I hung onto every word she spoke.

Nicole Susman

BaileyJanePictures_Room 206 September 2020_110_edited.jpg

Thanks for a very inspiring few days with you and your team! Loved every moment!

Renska Venter

What a lovely presenter and bubbly personality. Tash, you are an inspiration to so many people and just so authentic in your approach. Wish we had more time; I could even do a 4 hour session with you if time could allow this.

Marissa Aldrich

I couldn’t stop thinking about the workshop and for some reason, found it hard to put it into words when explaining it to my husband. I think the emotional impact was so personal that I couldn’t exactly share my feelings at the time. Thank you again. I hope to one day be a part of another Room206 experience and to reconnect with you. You guys are an amazing group of women.

Tertia Pillay

The workshop on Saturday was fabulous. Thank you for always being so spiritually together - it's something I battle with and being in your presence - even through Zoom - is so refreshing. You are a strong inspiration to me!

Maeve Kousiakis
Founder | Mkggdziin

BaileyJanePictures_Room 206 September 2020_112_edited.jpg

Room 206 was a hit and the creative writing Masterclass was thoroughly enjoyed by all. It was a great milestone for all and one for the history books showcasing how anything is possible with the right partners and a strong belief in a vision for change. Thank you so much, Tash, to you and the team for taking us on such a creative and emotional journey, it was beautifully delivered and so inspiring.

Lyn Mansour
CEO | KLM Empowered

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