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At Room 206, we are the proud originators, producers, and builders of MyPlaybox, together with our client, Digital Planet. Visit their website to experience a new and meaningful way of teaching – for you, for your business, for your kids, for your mindset, for your country. Sit with South Africa's greats. Learn from their stories, and their mistakes. Take notes, get inspired, be entertained, be dazzled - be proud to call every Playbox, *your* Playbox.

MyPlaybox is an 'edutainment' platform that offers access to a series of online videos featuring lessons taught by South Africa’s icons, who impart their wisdom, learnings, and experience, allowing ordinary people to learn what made these icons rise, while honing their own skills to level up their game. It's a journey of extraordinary humanness; a playful, personal and talented learning journey, that's #LikeNoOther.


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Call or WhatsApp: (+27) 82 689 6889
Call or WhatsApp: (+34) 666 97 73 38 (Barcelona)

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