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We’re a little obsessed with storytelling


Our Room 206 journey kind of (sort-of-very-much-so) begins like this: once upon a time in Denmark (around 2012), a curious traveller visited a hotel. Her name, Natasha Fracchiolla. The same hotel that was frequented by famed writer of the 1800s. His name, Hans Christian Anderson. Hans wrote fairy tales. Natasha loved reading fairytales. A lot (like a lot, a lot) of fairy tales ( Thumbelina, The Princess and the Pea, and The Little Mermaid!).

Hans was a beautifully complicated chap (as most writers are), with a pen on the ready and a mind that could dream up far-away lands and sunbeams for sale. Hans believed that to write, we must allow space for the magic to unfold; we must place ourselves in ‘the room’; we must be inspired inside the very space we begin. He chose an hotel in Denmark.

We chose a hub in South Africa and Barcelona.

This is Room 206, inspired by Hans - and his room, and his skill, and his capacity for joy inside the human condition. In our hub, we write. We become one with the street, with the sounds, with the pain, with the pleasure, and with the pen. We’re a global collective of brand builders, collaborators, and story catchers, adding sunbeams and sellable content to the mix.

Room 206 is your partner in pen and purpose. We’re all about small brands, big brands, brand elevation. We’re all about client service and brand stories, with joyful endings.

Your brand, your story, with us!

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Call or WhatsApp: (+27) 82 689 6889
Call or WhatsApp: (+34) 666 97 73 38 (Barcelona)

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