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5 Writing Competitions Not To Be Missed in 2023

Calling all writers: it’s time to get your words out there!

As the year calls for its end, we’ve been prepping our pens for 2023. You may think that only professional or well-known writers can be published in literary journals and receive writer’s prizes, but anyone can submit!

If you’ve been spending your off-hours sharpening up a short story/novel; or have a few beautiful poems lying around that haven’t seen the light of day; or you’re ready to tackle a themed writing challenge, we can tell you where to go. Because your writing deserves recognition, and this is where the journey starts!

This one’s for the lovers! For all our short-story fanatics, all you have to do is set up a free account on their website (, write up a 2 000-word short story on the theme of “love” by midnight 14 February 2023, and romance your way into a cash prize!

For a chance to have your entire book reviewed, receive in-depth comments, and win some cash, polish up your novel's edits and submit it by 6 January 2023 to the Island Prize, which is open to unpublished debut novelists from all African countries! Email submissions to

Now’s your chance to see your creation hit the shelves! Take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to have your book considered for cash prizes, accolades, visibility, potential representation by a top literary agency, and recognition as one of the year's best independently published novels. Enter before 10 February 2023 by visiting Go on, get your words out there!

Ever found yourself giggling at your desk, re-reading your short stories? Well then, it's time for your funny bones to reach a broader audience! The To Hull and Back competition recognises stories with a humorous edge, so make sure your words get 'em laughing out loud. Submit by 30 June 2023 with a small PayPal fee, and send your piece over to:

This one’s for the prose and poetry lovers. Submit up to three poems, or a prose piece of max 5 000 words, to stand a chance of getting into the legendary New Contrast Literary Magazine (which has been on the shelves since 1960!). Submit your work via Submittable’s easy-to-use portal – and the best part is that they accept work on an on-going basis!

Get those words flying across the page write away! And if none of these appeal to you, check out our Writing Competition Calendar to find something else that does - we're continually updating it to ensure all of the information is relevant and correct, so take a look and be inspired.

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