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How to Use Imagery to Build Your Personal Brand

Did you know that there are over 200 million content creators in the world? And that number is growing every day. This means that creating an online presence and personal brand that stands out from the crowd can actually be harder than ever before.

For entrepreneurs, up-and-comers, and seasoned professionals alike, when it comes to online identities and personal brands, the images you share of yourself and your interests can mean more than just showcasing snippets of your life - they are representations of what you and your brand stand for, and what you offer the world.

It is important to recognise how the images we share affect how we feature in the busy minds of consumers, because this can ultimately impact our success. Tim Ferriss, an American author, describes it best: “Personal branding is about managing your name – even if you don’t own a business.”

By posting images on your website and social media, you are creating a digital footprint that will forever tell a story about you and your brand, so it is important to use your images to speak truthfully. Here’s how to get it right first time round:

1. Aim for consistency in your headshots.

We sometimes feel the need to separate our social media profiles according to the content that we post and the people we interact with, and this distinction can also show in the kind of profile photos we choose to use for each social media account, such as a formal headshot for LinkedIn and a quirky group photo for Facebook. While it may be advisable in some respects to keep your business and private lives separate, it may not always be beneficial when you are building a personal brand. Being consistent in the use of one headshot across all your social media accounts can ensure you become a recognisable online presence, while making it easier for people to associate you with your brand.

2. Let your images be a true reflection of who you are.

In developing your brand, it is important that your online persona matches the real you. Showcasing yourself online as authentic and real, is key to increasing your following. Remember: with so much fakery in the world, and with open AI doing its rounds, industries need humans they can trust; someone they can invest in. People want to do business with a real person that’s akin to the person they’ve been checking out on social media. And that's you! So, stay away from the over-filtered, over-edited vibes and step into your own fabric of fabulous, so you can be the B.O.S.S you came here to be.

3. Give your images voice.

Giving your images voice is all about making sure that your profile pictures (and any other pictures in between) align with who you are, what you are trying to say, and what your personal brand is all about. For example, when having professional pictures taken in a creative photo studio, be sure to choose a studio (and a photographer) that supports your brand vision, and that makes you feel comfortable enough to flaunt your best self. A boutique photo studio will usually tick these boxes; find one here.

4. Having a logo goes a long way.

Having a logo increases the chances of people remembering your brand, in addition to making your content easily identifiable. You also do not have to spend a fortune on designers because there are a number of free websites and apps available to create logos, such as Smashinglogo, Canva, and DesignEvo, all of which are easy to navigate and modifiable to suit your needs and preferences. By watermarking your images with your logo, or inserting it near the bottom of all your social media posts, your brand has an added personal touch.

5. Use your images to give you a competitive edge.

Depending on your line of work, image search can be particularly important to the success of your personal brand. By identifying and using popular and highly converting keywords in any posts where your images are included, you're actively building your personal brand in line with a particular offering. For example, adding ‘trending designer’ to your image search keywords takes it a step further than ‘designer near me’.

Building a personal brand requires effort and hard thinking. Knowing how to align your vision to your online persona, your goals to your content, and your brand voice to your online imagery, can be difficult, especially if you don’t know where to begin. With these tips you can build your personal brand with ease and make sure your online imagery betters your brand.

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