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Top Online Tools to Amp Up Your Writing Productivity

They say it takes a village to raise a child – well, writers need the village, too! It can be hard enough coming up with the premise of what you’re going to write, but what about everything in between? The sentence structure, the spelling and grammar, the vocabulary, handling writer’s block, sticking to a writing schedule, and all the other joys (yes, we’re terming them “joys”) that come with being a writer.

It can be incredibly challenging to get it all together by yourself, and keep your writing both

productive and interesting. Luckily, there are a number of fantastic online tools that can assist with the process, from putting the words on the page to making writing a daily habit.

Here are our top online tools to amp up your writing productivity!

Distractions and procrastination are two of a writer's worst enemies! We've all been there: you sit at your desk, ready to write, and then decide to take a scroll through Instagram quickly. Next thing you know, an hour has passed, and you've written nothing! The online tool is designed to keep distraction to a minimum, by blocking various apps and syncing these blocks across all of your devices, effectively stopping your scrolling in its tracks. You can set it up on a whim or plan out sessions in advance. So, say goodbye to distractions and hello to a whole new kind of focus!

Technology is a blessing unlike any other, that's for sure! You even get websites that automatically produce complete articles and essays based on basic keywords thanks to the world's rapidly evolving AI technology., an AI content creator, is extremely knowledgeable in any niche. It can create any kind of expert copy you need with only a few prompts from you. And while we typically don’t promote tools that do the writing for you, it can be used – responsibly – to get the creatives juices flowing.

Three pages. 750 words. Sounds simple, right? The concept behind is that if you can establish the routine of writing three pages every day, it’ll help you focus and spark ideas for the rest of the day, giving you a clear head for other types of writing, whether for work or for pleasure. The platform also enables you to write aloud without having to be concerned about censoring yourself, editing, or proofreading. We highly recommend this one - it's fun, creative, and most importantly, helpful!

Got fantastic ideas running so quickly through your head, you just have to jot them down before you forget? Ever been in this moment, then been distracted by the need to correct your grammar and spelling, realising too late that you’ve forgotten what it is you wanted to write down? It's happened to the best of us! is a fantastic tool that’s built using AI and that can be installed to Chrome for free to automatically fix spelling and grammar, or rephrases things in the best possible way.

Novelists, take note! We know how incredibly difficult it can be to keep your novel organised. There are character arcs, storylines, and so much more that needs to be considered. Don't worry, though;'s easy-to-follow suggestions are designed to help you structure your ideas for characters, plots, and settings in a personal story dashboard. With it, you can participate in peer critique groups where you will receive free and helpful feedback on scene drafts and narrative ideas. You can also take advantage of short email courses on writing and premium-coached courses that include workbooks on writing craft. With this one, you're all set!

This one is a little annoying, but so very helpful! is a platform that allows users to digitally punish themselves if they stop or slow down while typing in the application's window in order to overcome writer's block. And depending on the options the user selects, the penalties vary in severity. To discipline yourself for not writing, you may, for instance, set up incredibly annoying pop-up windows with irritating sounds. While we’re not big fans of writerly torture, it’s a fantastic strategy when you’re down to the wire with a deadline looming (or already passed).

And there’s your village! These online tools are designed to get your writing productivity up with minimal distractions and maximum results. Just remember, even when using some or all of these tools, most of the worth when it comes to writing will come from within. So, get set to get to work and here’s to improved efficiency!

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